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FINALLY! this beautiful, shiny fish can bask in the sunlight. 

The Friends of Telford Town Park wanted the old fish shaped planter in the Maxell gardens to be revamped and made into a permanent sculpture. The previous year I had covered it in fabric scales for the Japanese Sakura festival.


We decided to make it a recycling and health project for adults in the community. In  the autumn of 2019 I worked with various groups in the community to create thousands of scales. We collected used drinks cans, washed them out and cut the tops and bottoms off. The piece of tin that remained was trimmed to remove sharp edges and cut into scale shapes. People worked on the pieces of tin with embossing tools to create lovely patterns, some added colour using permanent ink pens. Once we had enough scales I created an aluminium frame over the wire basket fish with the help of my dad. This created a skeleton on which to rivet the scales. The scales on the face show the drinks cans labels whilst the rest are the embossed ones. 

As we approached winter the fish was covered up until spring 2020 where it was due to be unveiled as part of a spring into the park event. Of course all events were cancelled, although the parks team did uncover him to get some beautiful springtime photographs surrounded by cherry blossom. 

Covered again over the summer, finally an opportunity to unveil him was found as part of Telford and Wrekin VJ Remembrance Day. The gardens where beautifully decorated and full of fabulous Japanese performers.