glass paintings

I have always loved stained glass, as someone who loves colour and light it is the perfect art form.  I am currently trying to master the skill of leaded glass work and traditional glass painting. Meanwhile I use craft glass paints to create works on mirror and small glass sun catchers. The paint is permanent and can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. I use pieces of glass that I have fused in my mosaics.

These look beautiful hanging in the window or among your trees where the light can shine through the vivid colours. The paint is permanent and light fast and they can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

Prices range from  6.00 - 25.00. They can be made with a lead edge, a copper foil edge or with a wooden frame. Foil edged suncatchers have  wire hangings with complemrntary coloured beads.
Please order through the contact page where you will be able to choose your shape. Then contact me and let me know which of the designs below you would like. It won't be exactly the same as they are all individual. Below are my current designs showing shape and colour options. 
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green man


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tree of life


medieval flowers





other designs

leaded glass

​​© Copyright 2012 all artwork by Jackie Kay Coyle

leaded circle 170cm with chain