This ancient and fascinating art has been inspiring me for many years. I started creating my own mosaic work about 8 years ago and have not been able to stop! It is wonderfully theraputic and I would urge everyone to give it a go. You can use all sorts of materials and it is a great way of saving and using any old, loved pieces of jewellery or china.


I use a wide variety of materials in my own work to create texture, movement and interest, this also means the mosaics capture the changing light beautifully. They are naturally heavy so please hang with care. Outdoor mosaics can be made on outdoor plywood or a cement board.
There are two main methods of producing mosaics, the indirect and the direct method. I mainly work with the direct method which involves placing the materials or tesserae right face up and gluing straight onto the backing surface. Once the glue is dry the mosaic is then grouted. The indirect method is useful for producing mosaics that have to be transported to their place of instalation or if it is important that the surface  be absolutely flat, for example for a table top. The indirect method involves sticking the materials or tesserae face down onto a removable backing, eg paper, this holds the design together. The design is pressed into a prepared adhesive bed and the paper removed to reveal the design.
I like to add layers and textures to my work. Below is an example of how the mosaic Through the Trees developed from the initial design on the board to the completed piece.


through the trees

I produced a series of mosaics based on some paintings and mixed media collages that I made. The theme lends itself to mosaic I think.

the tree of life

The Tree of Life is a powerful and ancient symbol that means a lot to me and one to which I return  many times. It has been important to many societies and cultures both ancient and modern as a  symbol of eternal life, the natural law of life and the interconnection of all living things and reflects a link between heaven and earth. 

the dance
This was designed for entry into an exhibition on the theme of Celebration. It is a celebration of colour and life. In the centre of each swirl is a little hand drawn dancing figure beneath the glass. The mosaic is made from a variety of hand cut glass and ceramic pieces.



earth circles

One of my favourite designs inspired by earthworks and crop marks.

Four trees emerge from the central flower to create a connected whole. It has four lotus flowers in each corner. This mosaic is made from hand cut glass and ceramic pieces. Beneath the central shape is a poem 'we are connected still' written by my brother after the loss of his beautiful daughter Livvy.

moon gazing hare
This lovely shaped mosaic depicts a hare gazing at the full moon. I have applied the glass tesserae  straight onto a mirror - this adds to the reflective quality of the glass. The hare is and has been a powerful symbol in civilisations around the world  and has always had divine associations.  It is associated in mythology with the Moon, the celestial skies and the sun.  


the green man
Another favourite image of mine, The Green Man. Here is a gallery of Gorgeous Green Men! 




This is the peacock that I made and auctioned for our family's charity - set up in memory of my gorgeous niece Livvy. It is made from glass. The eyes in the tail are made from  fused glass shapes.


traces on the earth


3D items


animal shapes



Made with quality metal bases



A mosaic framed mirror can add an interesting focal point in any room. They are very popular for bathrooms. I can make you a mirror to your specific requirements, maybe to match your colour scheme. Some mirrors are made on MDF, some are wooden framed mirrors. They end up being very heavy so care must be taken when hanging. 



other mosaics

​​© Copyright 2012 all artwork by Jackie Kay Coyle