I enjoy delivering workshops to children and adults. Workshops are fun and a great way to learn a new skill, practice an old skill, meet new folk and relax.
I have experience of delivering art and craft workshops including :

* after school art club
* home education art group
* family workshops at events and festivals
* workshops at Telford Mind
* craft activities at Button&Bear Bookshop, Shrewsbury
* school projects
* community workshops
* weekly sessions at The Skills and Enterprise Hub, Telford
* weekly virtual art sessions
Below you will find examples of workshops. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a project.


mosaic mirror
use broken china or tiles to create a beautiful mirror
Mosaic coasters
make a set of mosaic coasters
School mosaic
create a mosaic for your school
Roman style mosaics
linked to National Curriculum
made from your own drawings
Animal mosaics
Lots of shapes to choose from
glass painting
Tin or Copper
mosaic letters
A lovely gift
Fused plastic bags
recycling plastic bags
Tea cosies
great for adults or children
Paper mosaics
Ironbridge cooling towers
Group mosaics
create a mosaic with your friends,colleagues or community
make a mosaic number plaque for your home
Mosaic Jewellery
micro mosaic pendants
Aplique cushion covers
BBO course
community workshop
tin or copper
community workshop for health
Making jewellery with own designs
drawings made into jewellery
Fabric Brooches
Paper mosaics
Make your own image
Ceramic Tile Painting
community or school workshop
Zendalas and Zentangles
Creating a Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns and shapes. These patterns are drawn on small pieces of paper called tiles.It is a simple process which can help with relaxation and inner focus.
A Zendala is a combination of a Mandala and a Zentangle
Rock Painting
fun designs on rocks
Mosaic Birds
garden birds, mosaics made using broken china
jewelley making
Christmas Mosaics
community workshop
Mosaic Plant Pots
brighten up your plant pots
The Skills and Enterprise hub
practicing grouting
Staff team building day
a great day for work colleagues
Green man masks
a lovely spring workshop
Draw your own Mandala
Mandalas can be very therapeutic to create and can be used as an active form of meditation
Coaster design
a nice beginers mosaic workshop
Children's party
Materials ready at Button & Bear in Shrewsbury
Christmas decorations
fun, simple mosaics
Roman mosaic designs
linked to National Curriculum
Clingy glass painting
These will cling to your window
Recycling workshop
creating creatures
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mosaic mirror

use broken china or tiles to create a beautiful mirror